TOP-3 programs for downloading movies for free

Programs for downloading movies for free – this is what users on the Internet often look for. Everyone loves to watch movies. But why buy a novelty in a store when you can simply download it, without spending a dime.
For these purposes, there are special programs for downloading movies for free, torrent clients. And below we will consider the 3 brightest representatives in this category.


Perhaps the most common client that has gained popularity due to its functionality. Initially, the name is read as “mutorrent”, but some call it “emtorrent, torrent, microtorrent” and not only. The number of active users has long exceeded 150 million users around the globe. The main feature of the product is the Russian-language interface of the program, although you can change the language settings or download the missing language package directly from the developer’s site. The client has a lot of opportunities. Firstly, with its help you can easily download movies through special torrent trackers. The essence of the work lies in the following: there are 2 types of consumers, one of which is seed (distributing), and the other is a feast (receiving). The number of those and others is not limited. The main thing is that the seeds have the distribution of the required file or archive that you are going to download connected. The more seeds distribute the same film at the same time, the faster you can get it, then join the ranks of the distributors, while enjoying the cinema. It is possible to set download priorities. You can completely disable the return, thereby maximizing the speed of obtaining the desired file. If you have lost the Internet, or you turn off the computer at night, just put all active torrents on pause to resume data flow at another time. In the case of “direct” download via the Internet, without special downloaders, this will not succeed. Starting with version 3.0, μTorrent supports streams, which will be very useful for the most impatient. Wait at least 5-10 minutes for the movie or series to download to start watching it. At this time, the program will automatically load the rest of the content. Previously, I had to wait for the full download, because the file was swinging in pieces. A very convenient product with a simple interface and a lot of additional features.


Another popular type of program for downloading torrent files. In its functionality, it is in no way inferior to the previous utility, and in some points, superior to its predecessor. There is an opinion that the client is a malicious product that can harm the operation of the operating system, but this statement is fundamentally wrong, although some anti-virus developers have added the application to their “potentially dangerous” database. Because of this, you have to add MediaGet to the antivirus exclusion list. Some search services, such as Yandex, also warn of a possible threat when switching to the official website of the developer of this torrent client. They are “afraid” that the application will start to download additional software on their own. Just note that the product does not pose any danger. To find the file you are looking for on the Internet, you just need to enter a name in the search bar and select the appropriate filter that filters out unnecessary results. After that, a list of results appears, next to which are the technical data of a particular film (for example). It looks like this: In addition to the name, there are 3 columns: 1) type; size 2; 3) speed. The first shows the quality of the file, the second – the size in gigabytes, well, and the third – the maximum available download speed at the moment. If the field displays three stars (***), then the speed is maximum. You are required to select the list item you like most and click on download, specifying the destination folder. The only minus of the client, perhaps, is not as high as that of μTorrent. Many repulsed by increased attention from antiviruses. But if you omit this drawback, an excellent product comes out.

Download master

In the search for a free program for downloading movies, many people look exclusively towards torrent clients. Yes, they are very convenient and functional. But what if you watched the video clip on some hosting like YouTube, or VKontakte, after which you wanted to download it to your computer? For these purposes, the Download Master program was created, which greatly simplifies the life of lovers of multimedia content. After downloading and installing it is automatically embedded in your browser. Its main advantage over built-in bootloaders lies in the fact that DM can split files into separate parts. This provides faster downloads to multiple streams. Their number can be adjusted in the settings. Moreover, when the Internet connection is disconnected, you will not be required to start the whole process anew. It is enough to resume the interrupted process in the download menu. The client will automatically re-flash everything that it previously saved, and then continue what it started. Also in the settings you can adjust the number of simultaneous downloads and set the maximum speed. Remember that downloading consumes all the free Internet traffic, so it will be problematic to watch the news, or chat with friends during the work of the DM. Leave a small amount of free channel in order not to create uncomfortable situations for yourself. Using the client, you can view the contents of archives before you want to download it. So it will be easier to determine if the file is worth attention, or it is covered with viruses and other malware. And this despite downloading from reliable sources. Filter the desired items, and then click download.


These were the top Free Movies Download Websites, apart from these you can also visit other websites such as Yidio, Viewster, SnagFilms, Vudu, Movies on the US, Tubi TV, Veoh, etc. If you know any other great free movies download sites please share with us and help us to improve this list for everyone.

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