20 Great Movies to Watch With Your Family

We live in a highly demanding society, in which we spend a lot of time carrying out different obligations and activities that leave us little time for family leisure. And this is very necessary, since it allows us to share time and get involved in the lives of our loved ones.

An easy way to have a good family time can be to get together to watch a movie. But the seventh art has a large number of works from which to choose, some being much more appropriate for family enjoyment (especially in the case of children). In this article we will see a small selection of movies to watch as a family, perfect to spend a pleasant time together and promote debate after finishing them.

Movies to watch with your family

Here we present a series of films and sagas that can be entertaining for everyone and at the same time show a positive message for the whole family. Many of the following are practically classic, while others are more modern.

Flubber and the Nutty Professor (1997)

Film in which a somewhat absent-minded university professor from an institution on the brink of bankruptcy discovers a very peculiar green energy substance, Flubber, that defies gravity and even has a certain personality. Thanks to her, he will try to save the university from bankruptcy, he will be able to fix different aspects of his life and he will have to face a rival professor who will try to get hold of her.

Jumanji (1995)

Although a new version has recently been made in cinemas, in this list we refer mainly to the original from 1995. In it we first observe how Alan Parrish discovers and later he is trapped in the jungle by a magical board game called Jumanji, that twenty-five years later it is rediscovered by two brothers who start playing (releasing a now-adult Alan in the process) and having to end the game despite the fact that the game causes them to become reality and the consequences that the game dictates in each thrown.

Toy Story (1995)

All the films in this saga are highly recommended for the whole family and especially for children. These films convey values ​​and express the importance of friendship and loyalty, as well as show us how time and circumstances around us change (there are different problems as Andy grows).

In the original Toy Story we see how Andy’s toys have a life of their own when no one is watching, living a peaceful life at first until a new toy appears, the astronaut Buzz Lightyear, which becomes a favorite of the little one. Andy. The boy’s favorite toy so far, Sheriff Woody, is envious and unsuccessfully tries to get rid of the astronaut. But due to a series of circumstances both end up losing each other, having to join forces and form a solid friendship to return to their owner before he moves.

Honey, I’ve shrunk the kids! (1989)

Another family classic, in it we see how four children are shrunk to the size of insects due to a reducing beam created by the father of two of them, and they will embark on a small adventure to return to their normal size.

Gremlins (1984)

Inventor Randall Peltzer buys a mogwai creature named Gizzmo for his son from a store, but is warned not to get wet or feed after midnight. However, due to a small incident, Gizzmo comes into contact with the water, and new members of its species are born as a consequence. Unlike the peaceful Gizzmo, these are mischievous and evil, and manage to trick the young man into eating after the deadline. After that, they transform into Gremlins.

Although it can be considered familiar, it also has a certain component that mixes humor with terror. In addition to the original there are several sequels.

Home Alone (1990)

Well-known humor film with several sequels in which the character played by Macaulay Culkin is left alone at home (due to a neglect of his family), having to face the attempted robbery of two thieves. The boy will turn out to be much more intelligent than his adversaries, to whom he will place various traps in order to defend his home.

E.T., the alien (1982)

The story of the alien lost on Earth and his friendship with young Elliot as they both try to find a way for the former to go unnoticed and to finally be able to return home is one of the best known and valued family movies.

Matilda (1996)

Matilda is a very intelligent young woman who is ignored and belittled by her family, who enrolls her in a school whose principal has abusive and twisted practices. The little girl discovers that she has telekinetic powers, which she uses to teach those who treat her badly. She is only recognized by her teacher, to whom she will entrust her secret.

The Princess Bride (1987)

This movie begins with a grandfather who visits his sick grandson in order to read him a story. This story is about Lady Buttercup and her stable boy, Westley, who is in love with her and she ends up corresponding with him.

However, the young man goes to seek his fortune to be able to marry her but he disappears and is considered dead, years later Buttercup accepts Prince Humperdinck’s marriage request. However, before the wedding she will be kidnapped by three outlaws, making the story much more complicated.

The Goonies (1985)

Cult film that tells the adventures of a group of friends in a precarious socio-economic situation (they are going to be seized in a few days) who discovers a treasure map of a famous pirate, who will try to search at the same time that they must avoid cheating and the interference of a family of robbers who also intends to seize him.

The Never Ending Story (1984)

A beautiful story that tells us how little Bastian, a victim of bullying, takes refuge one day in a book store where he will find the book that gives the film its name. It is responsible for the history of the world of Fantasy, a fantastic world full of magical creatures which will be consumed by Nothing unless the chosen one saves it. An allegory of the passage of time and the loss of the ability to fantasize as we get older and stop doing it.

Back to the future (1985)

Another very enjoyable classic shows us the story of Marty McFly, who meets Dr. Emmet Brown who has created a machine for traveling through time. Both of them will accidentally travel to the past, back to the time when McFly’s parents were still teenagers. There they will have to face various situations while discovering how to generate enough energy to return to their time.

In addition to the original, its sequels are also recommended.

Free Willy (1993)

This film is especially valuable to teach the little ones respect for animals and freedom. In it we will see the friendship story between Jesse (a twelve-year-old boy) and Willy, the killer whale in an aquarium that the young man will initially be forced to clean (after having painted its walls) and in which he will later work.

In addition this film has several sequels that can also be seen as a family.

Up (2009)

Although with a perhaps somewhat sad beginning, this Pixar film shows us the story of Carl, who after the death of his wife decides to fulfill her childhood dream of moving her home to the Paradise Falls, something she does with the help from hundreds of balloons. Although inadvertently and accidentally he takes with him a young explorer named Russell, along with whom he will live a great adventure.

Coco (2017)

Pixar movie based on the Mexican Day of the Dead. He tells us of a young man with aspirations to become a musician named Miguel, born in a family that detests this profession for being the cause of the abandonment of the great-grandmother of the family by her husband. However, trying to enter a contest during the festivities, he enters the World of the Dead, from which he must leave so as not to be trapped next to return to the family altar a photo of his great-grandmother (who had previously removed).

 The Lion King (1994)

One of the best known and most popular Disney classics. It tells the story of Simba, a lion cub destined to become the king of the savannah who is nevertheless used by his uncle to wrest power from his father. An animated version of Hamlet, which also hides some political criticism and that works with topics such as duty, betrayal, facing the facts and enjoying life day by day.

Harry Potter (saga)

The Harry Potter saga is known worldwide, with a total of seven films and the spin-off Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them.

Probably the one that has a more familiar and happy face is that of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001), in which the boy magician discovers his condition and begins to attend the Hogwarts school of magic and sorcery.

Little Warriors (1998)

Science fiction film in which we see how the toy company Heartland orders two collections of real action toys created by two designers. One of them creates the Gorgonite collection for educational purposes, while the other creates the Elite Command as a more military action figure.

It is decided that the second ones should lead the project and the Gorgonites should act as their enemies. Both are installed with chips that have not yet passed the security filters and become aware and capable of learning after installing untested microchips. While the Gorgonites, initially intended as educational toys, only want to return to their supposed homeland, the Elite Command will seek to destroy their rivals, in a conflict that will also affect young Alan (who finds the Gorgonite leader in his backpack before conflict) and its environment.

Inside out (2015)

Animated film that tells the story of a girl named Riley and the emotions that inhabit her: joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear.

Throughout the film we see how the life of the little girl changes as she moves and grows, living her emotions in great turmoil. Until now her life has been marked by Joy, although the events gradually make it so that Sadness takes over. And this triggers a quarrel between the two, in which the girl’s memories and emotional world are in danger and generates that both emotions are accidentally expelled.

Both will have to cooperate to avoid that the main elements of Riley’s personality are not lost, learning the Joy that also Sadness and the other emotions have their role.

The Incredibles (2004)

With the sequel recently released in theaters and with quite a good review, another one is the movies to watch as a family is The Incredibles. In it we are introduced to the Parr family, consisting of Bob, Helen (two former superheroes known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl) and their children (with powers) who have to hide their powers after the first two have withdrawn due to a wave of lawsuits towards the superhero collective during his youth.

Final Word

Obviously those shown here are only a small sample, there are many more exponents to assess. Examples of this range from most Disney works (Mulan, Mery Poppins, Aladdin …) or Pixar (Bichos, Monstruos SA, Cars …) to fantastic works that, although they may not fall into the category of family cinema, but are very enjoyable as The Lord of the Rings or the aforementioned Star Wars or Jurassic Park.


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